Fraud is on the rise

Protect yourself from fraud with these tips.

If someone contacts you claiming to be a Texas Tech Credit Union representative or employee, ask for their name and hang up. Then, call Texas Tech Credit Union directly at 806-742-3606 and request more information as to why this person is attempting to contact you. If the call is legitimate, our staff can provide additional details regarding the reason for the call. We can also confirm the individual who contacted you is, in fact, a Texas Tech Credit Union employee or representative. If the caller is a scammer, we can take appropriate action to protect your account and personal information.  


Fraud is a serious threat to your accounts and personal information, and lately, scams are on the rise. Please use caution when discussing your Texas Tech Credit Union accounts over the phone or via text message, as you could be interacting with a scammer claiming to be a Texas Tech Credit Union employee.  


Tips to protect yourself:  

  • Deny requests for your password. We don't call or text you and ask for your Texas Tech Credit Union username or password to verify your account. These scammers will.  
  • If you receive a verification code via text, do not share it with anyone. Texas Tech Credit Union employees will NOT ask for this code. If someone is requesting this code, IT IS A SCAM.  
  • Ask questions. Asking questions like "When's the last time I called you?" may prompt the fraudster to hang up.  
  • Call us directly and report fraud. If someone calls or texts you for your Texas Tech Credit Union information, don't respond, and call us at 806-742-3606 to report it.  
  • Stay aware. Fraudsters constantly change how they try to cheat you out of your money. Learn how to protect yourself against the latest scams here.    

Other information a Texas Tech Credit Union employee will never ask for:

  • Your full debit or credit card number  
  • Your debit card PIN  
  • Your debit or credit card CVV code or expiration date  
  • To click a link to verify a transaction  


For more tips on protecting yourself from fraud and what we do to keep you safe, visit our Blog.