4 reasons why you should work with a local lender

Securing financing is one of the most vital pieces of the home buying process, and you will find numerous mortgage lenders offering competitive rates in today’s market. But, if you want personalized support and service that caters to your individual needs, selecting a local lender may be your best bet.

From convenience to personalized advice, here are four reasons why you should work with a local lender:

You’ll get more personalized service.

When you work with a large bank or online lender, you’re just another number. But when you work with a local lender, they’ll get to know you and your needs. They’ll be invested in helping you find the right home and getting you the best loan possible.

In addition, having a face-to-face relationship with the lender provides the comfort of dealing with someone you know and trust to guide you through the home buying journey.

They have in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Local lenders know the ins and outs of the market in your area. Having an understanding of local trends like housing prices, the costs of living in your area, and the general economy makes a huge difference when making such an important decision.

Local lenders and underwriters will likely be more familiar with your state or city's home buying process and real estate laws.

You may qualify for special discount programs.

Local lenders often have access to programs that can make it easier for first-time buyers or those with less-than-perfect credit to qualify for a loan. These programs vary from state to state, so working with a local lender is the best way to find out what might be available to you.

To view current programs available to you, visit our home loans page or connect with a local lender to learn more.

Buy local, borrow local, and support the community.

Buying local and borrowing from a local lender is an excellent way to help the community. Not only does it stimulate economic growth by keeping money circulating within your city, but it also helps support small businesses and charitable initiatives in the area. When it comes time to purchase a home, consider buying local and borrowing local from a lender who has been serving your area for years.

If you're looking to buy a home, working with a local lender is a great option. Local lenders have a better understanding of the market in your area and can provide more personalized service to your specific needs.  Our lenders and underwriters have been serving this community for years, and are ready to assist you in getting into your dream home. To meet or schedule an appointment with one of TTCU's mortgage lenders, visit our home loans page.