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Consider your needs, then compare our flexible loan options which include Personal Loans, Savings Secured Loans, and Lines of Credit.  

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Calculate your estimated monthly loan payment with our loan calculator.  The rate you qualify for will be also be determined by factors such as your credit score.



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Personal Loans

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Savings Secured Loans

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Lines of Credit

Personal Loans

Take advantage of our low fixed rates and affordable payments to get the loan that's right for you. A personal loan can help you get into a new apartment, fund a trip during your next break, or pay off pressing debt.


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Savings Secured Loans

Now's the time to build up credit or make up for past mistakes. Savings Secured Loans are our most affordable way to borrow while your savings stay intact. Your collateral is the amount you already have deposited with us in a savings or certificate account. Perfect for people having a hard time getting traditional loans or who want to start building credit.
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Lines of Credit

Give yourself some wiggle room, and take out a line of credit. Pull out only the amount you want, so you're not stuck borrowing more than you need. You don't have to worry about minimum advances, and you can always count on the lowest rates.
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Lubbock Coding Academy Loan

For students attending the Lubbock Coding Academy, we have a special loan just for you! Investing in your future has never been easier.

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