MasterCard Debit Card


Tap into your funds without tacking on a fee. Our free MasterCard® debit cards give you anytime access to your balance without carrying around wads of cash or your checkbook.

Increase your purchasing power — make purchases around the corner or around the world just as easily. Plus, by simply using your debit card, you also work toward qualifying for big-time rewards on your free Kasasa Cash Back® checking account.

To Activate Or Re-Pin Debit Card: Call (806) 742-3606

Debit Card Details

  • Free with any TTFCU checking account
  • Direct, anytime access to your account balance
  • Make purchases online or in-store with ease
  • Accepted virtually everywhere around the world
  • Conducting debit card purchases helps you qualify for Kasasa Cash Back® checking rewards
  • No additional charges or interest owed
  • Purchases automatically deducted from your account, traceable online
  • Easily conduct surcharge-free withdrawals at thousands of ATMs
  • Faster, safer, and more versatile than carrying cash or checks
  • Eliminate costs associated with checks and paper waste
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen